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Counselling and therapy in Twickenham, near Richmond and St Margarets in West London

Covid - 19 update:
I work with Zoom, which means we can connect remotely with sound and vision. In these troubling times , we can experience heightened levels of anxiety, depression and loneliness. Connecting with a committed counsellor can make a real difference in offering you strategies to deal with difficulties, as well as a confidential space to talk about your individual situation without fear of judgement. I am also offering more concessionary spaces for clients who might struggle to afford the full fee.

Most of us, at some time in our lives, have felt uncertain, troubled or low. We may have some difficulties adapting to new circumstances or getting the best out of our relationships. We may have an ongoing sense of low mood or habits which are not in our best interests; we may have a sense of dissatisfaction , overwhelming stress or feel like a hamster on a treadwheel. Or we might have other issues from the past or in our current situation which we just can't seem to resolve no matter how much we talk about them to friends or family.

At those times, it can be very helpful to speak in confidence with a qualified professional counsellor who is outside your situation and who can listen in a non-judgemental way. In the safe, confidential counselling or therapy space you can explore your difficulties and get a sense of perspective. You can find your solutions to your problems and learn to accept what it is not possible to change. You can regain a sense of purpose and enjoyment in life.

I am a qualified counsellor , working in the area of Richmond and Twickenham registered and accredited with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and with over 19 years experience of supporting people in these difficult times. As a counsellor I abide by the Code of Ethics issued by the BACP. I have helped individuals from many different cultural, racial, and religious backgrounds aged between 18 and 75. I have offered therapy and counselling to people whose first language is not English. This has been both on an open-ended basis for some clients and, for others, for an agreed time period. I would usually offer a six-week counselling contract initially with the possibility of reviewing and continuing. As I am working in Twickenham I am very easily accessible from St Margarets, Richmond and Teddington via train bus cycle or on foot. Some of the issues I have worked with have included:
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • bereavement
  • relationships difficulties
  • cancer and health-related issues
  • family problems
  • lack of confidence
  • work related problems
  • childhood trauma and abuse
  • stress
  • panic attacks


    I work from my counselling room about 5 minutes walk from Twickenham station on Wednesdays 8am -5pm . These premises are very easily accessible from all over West London, including St Margarets, Isleworth, Hounslow, Teddington and Richmond via buses or trains. There is free parking at the end of Poulett Gardens and at the Twickenham Waitrose car park. Please click here to see a map of the Twickenham location.


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    tel: 07984 175823
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